How to Earn Money for Free

We’re all stuck at home with nothing to do during quarantine because of the coronavirus. You’re probably just scrolling aimlessly through your social media or binge watching on Netflix. Or you’re finally working on getting that fit quarantine body. Thank you to all those fitness Youtubers out there.  But what if you could do all that plus earn money?

5miles has started a rewards system to earn coins just for 5milers by fulfilling tasks in the app or completing a daily check-in. You can exchange these coins to redeem Amazon gift cards, 5miles credit or even face masks and hand sanitizer.

Where Do I Begin?

  1. Download the 5miles app 
  2. Register a  5miles account (NOTE: If you have multiple accounts on the same device, only the first account is qualified to earn coins)
  3. Make sure you have a verified US mobile number (required when redeeming rewards)

How Do I Earn Coins?

  1. Daily Check-In
    • Log in to 5miles everyday and redeem your coins on the Rewards page
    • The amount of coins vary everyday, if you log in consecutively, you earn more coins
    • A daily login cycle lasts 7 days. If you miss a day, the cycle restarts from Day 1. 
  2. Daily Tasks – 5miles offers tasks for you to do everyday to earn more coins!
    • Complete the tasks listed in the Rewards page to earn coins
    • Tasks refresh daily at 2:00 AM CST
    • Tasks may be added or removed at any given time
    • Coin values earned are subject to change at any time

How Do I Redeem My Rewards with Coins?

  1. On your Rewards page, click on your coins Balance
  2. On your Balance page, click Redeem 
  3. Select the item you want to redeem 
  4. Once redeemed, you will receive a notification within 48 hours that confirmed it was successful
  5. Check your inbox
  6. You can now use your rewards!

Well what are you waiting for? Download 5miles today and start earning coins! 

How to Earn Money for Free