How to Use 5miles Coins

So you know about 5miles Coins, the thing you do where you log in everyday and redeem coins. But you probably don’t know what these Coins can be used for do you? Well, allow me to introduce the many things you can do with Coins!


You probably use Boosts on your items, the feature where your items get pushed to the top so more people can see them, but what happens when you run out of these? Did you know that after you’re done with your four free Boosts, you can use coins to redeem another free Boost? Each time you can use 9 coins to get one free Boost! 

How to Earn Coins

You’re probably wondering, how do you earn these coins? Well if you actually check out our Coins tab on our 5miles app, you can see how easy it is to redeem coins.

If you log in every day for seven days, you can receive up to 330 coins. That already gives you about 36 free boosts! The Coins tab also has a “Tasks Everyday” section where you can complete tasks to earn coins as well. Some of these daily tasks will include following social media pages, liking Facebook pages, or completing surveys.

Invite Friends

If you invite friends you can earn up to 1000 coins + 10% extra of invitees’ earnings + 3% extra bonus from their invitees’ earnings as well. The more friends you invite the more coins you’ll be able to earn.

Redeem Rewards

What do I do if I have too many coins left and don’t need any more boosts?

You can actually redeem these coins and get an Amazon gift card. Check all of this out on our Redeem page! You can redeem up to a $20 Amazon gift card and start saving up to buy what you want off of Amazon! So get to earning those coins!


How to Use 5miles Coins