5miles Spotlight- Heather Wade

In this weeks 5miles Spotlight, meet Heather Wade!



Check out the interview below!


Where are you currently located?

Fort Worth, Texas


How long have you been using 5miles?

I downloaded the app about a year ago but, actively, I’ve been using it for 5 months.


How did you find 5miles?

Word of mouth, one of my friends told me about it.


What do you use 5miles for: buying or selling?

I use it equally but if I had to say, I use it mostly for selling.


And what items do you sell?

I mostly buy and re-sell baby items and accessories.


What are some of the things that you like about 5miles?

I really like that you can boost items every 4 hours. I sell about 5 items a day on 5miles and that feature really helps. I also like the translate feature that is built into the app. I also like the review system. Reviews help me sort out good buyers from not so good buyers. I always look at reviews before I negotiate.


Are there any tips that you would give other users?

Yes, I would tell other sellers, for one, to take better pictures of their items. Use proper lighting and a big thing is to make sure that your items are clean. Take time to clean whatever items that you have or are going to sell.


(Check out Heather’s 5miles shop here: http://bit.ly/2dabnQy)

5miles Spotlight- Heather Wade