How to Sell on 5miles

How to Sell

First step to becoming a successful seller, make sure you have a clear profile picture. Buyers will receive a good first impression of you. This allows them to feel safer when completing a transaction with you. When listing an item, make sure to take clear pictures from all sides and be as descriptive as you can. 

  • Do you have a detailed title & description for what you are selling? 
  • Is your description clear enough and have enough keywords, such as brand, condition, specification, model, color, etc?
  • Did you take a clear photo of your listing? 5miles also lets you upload videos of products.

An interested buyer will reach out to you with an offer, make sure to reply as promptly as possible and settle on an agreed price. To help with this, make sure to turn on your push notifications so you know when a buyer has contacted you. This will allow you to sell your item faster as the buyer will know you’re invested as well. 

Tips- Payment & Shipping

Some tips to note when selling an item, to make sure you are not getting scammed. We recommend that the buyer pays in cash when you meet up so they can’t recall a transaction or you could always use a cash app such as Venmo, Zelle or bank transfer. The cost of shipping is all up to you as well, you can decide if you would like to meet up in person or include a shipping cost based on where your buyer lives. You can ship through FedEx, USPS, and UPS

Reviews system

When you have completed selling an item, both you and the buyer can rate each other. Remember, the more efficiently you communicate with your buyer, the more likely you are to have a higher rating. This rating system allows other buyers to decide if they would like to purchase from you or not. 

Customer service

If there are any questions, remember to reach out to 5miles customer service at

Boost/ feature

Have you noticed that your views aren’t that high on your listings? Check out 5miles Feature subscription where you can get triple exposure on your listings and your listing will appear in the exclusive Featured feed, so buyers can find it quickly. The subscription also enables a click to call which allows buyers to contact you quicker about your listings. The Feature subscription allows you to choose from 3 days to 7 days and even one month. Click here for more information. 

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How to Sell on 5miles