Back To School Shopping

Summer is quickly coming to an end again with only one month left. It’s almost that time of year again, the busiest time for parents: Back To School! When I was growing up as a kid, back to school shopping was my favorite part of the school year. However, I know how stressful it might be for the parents. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared a list of back to school essentials that will help you with your back to school shopping! I’m sure your teachers will also provide you with a list of what you need for class but these are just the essentials. 



Everyone needs a backpack, especially a good sturdy one for older students with lots of textbooks. Get a good quality backpack with sturdy straps and padding to make sure your backpack is able to hold the weight of all your books. 



Pencils are a must have in class, or else how are you going to write your assignments? 


Pencil Case

You need a place to store all your school supplies, store them in a pencil case to stay organized. 


Water Bottle

A must need to get you through the school day. It’s always important to stay hydrated. There’s many options but a stainless steel water bottle is definitely the way to go.


Notebooks & Planners

Need a place to store all your notes and write down what assignments are due each week? A notebook and a planner are the perfect combo to satisfy your needs. Check out the links to see the many different notebook and planner designs.



This is a crucial piece for little kids! Bringing the best looking lunchbox with the best tasting lunch all prepared by Mom or Dad. Little kids love showing off their lunchboxes.

Hurry and get all your essentials on 5miles!

Back To School Shopping