Back to School Survival Kit!

The school season is upon us again. While students reunite with friends, you also have to worry about balancing schedules, homework, after school activities. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of items that will help you or your child throughout the school year.



For the average college commuter or high schooler, a bike is an excellent addition to the back to school list. Not only do bikes increase physical activity, they help save money on gasoline. Plus, bikes might save parents time if students are able to get themselves to and from school.
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Some students need a little more attention than others. Not everyone is a natural A+ student. Tutors can help your child tackle a difficult subject and bring those grades up. Knowledge is a power, afterall!
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In our day and age, the internet is everything. Whether it’s to take notes, write papers or conduct research on the web, a laptop is a must for any student. While you can always buy a brand new top-of-line computer, why waste so much money? Students don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles you pay for with a costlier computer. There are plenty of gently used laptops that are powerful enough for surfing the web and word processing.
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It seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes providing your student a suitable place to study is just as important as the studying themselves. Keeping students organized and sitting upright in a well-lit place can help them concentrate better and learn appropriate skills for later in life. You can start with a desk.
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Smartphones are the perfect tool to let you and your child keep in contact throughout the school year. Your child should be able to easily reach you if they need lift from school or if they forgot an assignment at home. You can even track your schedule and appointments on your phone so you never miss your kid’s first big recital.
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Back to School Survival Kit!