Increase Your Sales on 5miles

Been selling products on 5miles without any luck? However, if you want to sell like a pro, it’s necessary to make sure you follow this checklist to increase your potential of sold items.


Here’s a simple checklist for you to increase sales:

  • Do you have a good profile photo? It’s better for buyers to feel safe when trading with someone.
  • Do you have a detailed title & description for what you are selling? 
  • Is your description clear enough and have enough keywords, such as brand, condition, specification, model, color, etc?
  • Did you take a clear photo of your listing?
  • Is it easy to contact you? For example, do you pay enough attention to your notifications and reply to your offers in time?
  • Have you verified your cell phone number, email and Facebook account on 5miles? This will allow you to to appear more trustworthy
  • Have you continuously maintained your listings and added new things? 


Tips to increase sales on your products


5miles also has other features such as free boost where you can boost your listings four times for free! The boost will push your listing higher up the page for better exposure. Each boost will last for four hours. If you’re in the auto category, purchasing a regular membership or a Accelerator package. These memberships will allow you to increase your exposure on our page. Click here for more information. 


Remember the most important thing for you to do is to make sure the picture of the product listed is taken properly with the product details fully listed out. Our data has also shown that the more pictures listed, there is a higher chance of the product being sold. 

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Increase Your Sales on 5miles