Getting Started with 5miles

Hi there! Welcome to 5miles, an online marketplace to buy and sell goods, list services, housing and jobs! 


Browsing Items

5miles has many items listed on their app. The search filter can help you find items easily. You can also set up search alerts when a new item is posted in the category you’re looking for. 5miles also offers popular searches so you can see what’s trending. 

Found an item you like?

You can communicate with the seller via 5miles’ chat service and discuss  if you prefer to meet locally or have the item shipped.


What do I do after I receive my item?

“Confirm Received” and “Leave Review” after you received your purchased item. You also have the ability to “Refund” or “Return” if you have any problems.


Listing an Item for Sell?

Just snap a photo of the item, add the description, enter the price, then publish your item. 

*Note:Select categories require different information, so please fill the necessary information to sell your item.

Selling Process

Chat with the buyer using our 5miles chat feature to confirm delivery method whether it includes shipping the item or meeting up locally. Make sure to have your notifications turned on so you can reply to the buyer as promptly as possible.

Order Complete!

You can complete the order purchase by meeting up or using a cash app such as PayPal, Venmo or whatever you choose. 

If you’re planning to meet up with a buyer, please remember to always meet in a lit area with lots of people around. A police station is always the best place to meet!  If you feel suspicious about anything, just leave. Your life is worth more than the item you’re purchasing. 

Happy selling and buying 5milers!


Getting Started with 5miles