5 tips that can help your item sell online.

5 tips that can help your item sell online.



Selling your items online can be tricky, here are 5 tips that can help.


Bundle similar items in the same listing. If you have items like movies or videogames, sometimes bundling them together can make them seem a lot more appealing to buyers.


Be honest about the condition. Being honest about the condition of the item can not only lead to a smooth transaction between you and the buyer, but also increase your credibility as a seller on apps, like 5miles, that have peer to peer reviews.


Share the exact model number. This can save you a lot of  time spent on questions. Sharing the model number to an item gives the buyer an opportunity to research it and find answers to their own questions.


Carry smaller items with you. If you are selling a smaller item, sometimes it’s great to carry the item with you in your car. Personally, I carried a small dog kennel in my trunk for a week or two till I spontaneously sold it during my lunch break to a customer that needed one.


Price your items correctly. Do not try and overprice an item! People are looking for great bargains with fair prices. Also, there’s no harm in standing firm on your price if a buyer is trying to lowball you.

5 tips that can help your item sell online.