5miles Introduces S.E.A.L., Our “Safe Exchange Area Locator”


When buying or selling a secondhand item online, deciding where to meet to exchange the item can be tricky if you have safety concerns. That’s why 5miles is proud to introduce a “Safe Exchange Area Locator” (or, as we call it, S.E.A.L.) to our app. This new feature helps you easily locate public places near you that cities and towns have designated for secure transactions. Simply put, these safe exchange areas are intended to provide peace of mind to online shoppers who are meeting face to face.

So how do you find the safe exchange area closest to you? With 5miles, it’s as easy as pressing a button.

When messaging a buyer or seller on the 5miles app, select the “Meetup” icon located at the bottom of the Chat page. This will show you a list of the designated safe exchange areas based on their proximity to you. Simply select the nearest location and hit “Send” to share it with the buyer or seller in question.

5miles users still can feel free to meet up to transact wherever they choose, but we strongly recommend using this new feature, as our safety tips encourage, to find and meet at an available safe exchange area. We’re sure you’ll give it your “seal” of approval!

Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Looking for a safe exchange area in your area and can’t find one? Email seal@5milesapp.com and help us bring S.E.A.L. to your community.

5miles Introduces S.E.A.L., Our “Safe Exchange Area Locator”
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