5miles Introduces 5miles Wallet and Shipping.

5miles Introduces 5miles Wallet and Shipping.



Today 5miles released its latest update, version 4.2!  Along with the usual bug fixes, we added some major new features too!

The first major update is a product we’re calling Wallet. 5miles’ Wallet now lets users pay for items via a saved debit or credit card or receive payment via a linked bank account. Powered by Stripe, the new payment method offers greater security and convenience to buyers and sellers, right at their fingertips.


Here’s how it works:

  • Buyers contact a seller about an item and negotiate a price.
  • If the seller accepts payment through Wallet, the buy can link their credit or debit card and submit payment.
  • After confirming they have received an item in good condition, the buyer authorizes the release of funds to a seller to cover the purchase.
  • Sellers can then withdraw their money and have it transferred to a linked bank account.

With Shipping, sellers can list items separately for local pickup or choose to provide a shipping option via USPS. A FedEx option will soon be available.


Be sure to update your app and check out how our new features are making the mobile marketplace a much easier and safer place for buyers and sellers.

(Check out our official press release here)

5miles Introduces 5miles Wallet and Shipping.