5 ways to help protect yourself when shopping online

5 ways to help protect yourself when shopping online


  1. Look for TRUSTe Privacy or Security Signs.

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Look for sites that begin with https:// instead of http://. That “s” indicates that it’s a trusted and secure site.



  1. Check Out Without Sharing Banking Information.

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When checking out, if options like Paypal are offered, it’s usually a safer method than entering your credit information. Also, avoid entering your bank account information for payment. Credit cards will often not hold you accountable for fraudulent charges and are easier to cancel and renew than a personal bank account.


  1. Check Out Website Policies.

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Be sure to always read through a website’s terms and policies before making a major purchase. Sometimes there can be hidden clauses that you aren’t aware of, like the type of information that they can collect from you upon purchasing.


  1. Your Social Security.

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Shopping online never requires your social security number. When shopping online, never share your social security number.


  1. Review your bank statements.


At the end of each week, be sure to review your bank statements to make sure all of your online purchases have gone through with the correct amounts. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately.




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5 ways to help protect yourself when shopping online