5miles Election Season Memorabilia.

5miles Election Season Memorabilia.


With election season upon us, whether you vote Democrat, Republican or Independent, 5miles has all your 2016 election memorabilia needs covered.

Check out our list of awesome election items now being offered on the app!

Nostalgic 2016 Presidential Campaign Candy Bars


Get ready to take a bite into this deal. Now you can cast your vote in chocolate. Democracy never tasted so good! An assortment for only $25.

(Check out this item here: Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton candy bars)

Donald Trump Piñata


Is the election news beating you down? Beat it back with this piñata! Crafted and sold for only $20 here on the app!

(Check this item out here: Donald Trump piñata)

Hillary Clinton Voodoo Doll


Here’s another way to “stick” it to the election. Take out your frustration out on this Hillary Clinton Voodoo doll sold on the app for only $45.

(Check out this amazing item here: Hillary Clinton voodoo doll)

1993 Hillary Clinton High School Rookie Card


Are you a collector? Check out this rare 1993 Hillary Clinton high school “rookie” card. The card is in mint condition and comes in a protective case. $150.

(Check out this collectible here: Hillary Clinton high school “rookie” card)

Presidential Election Campaign Button


Are you a sucker for nostalgia? We found this vintage JFK election button for only $35.

(Check out the listing here: JFK presidential campaign button)

Happy election season and don’t forget to vote November 8th!

5miles Election Season Memorabilia.