National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month

National Safety Month is an opportunity to make sure you and everyone else around you is staying safe. It is essential that you are staying safe while handling transactions through 5miles or just going about your day. Being able to identify risks at home or improving safety standards protects everyone. However, keep in mind that every month should be a safe month. 

5miles wants to ensure your safety


Here are few tips for National Safety Month to incorporate into your daily routine


  • Be visible on the road, make sure headlights are on when needed
  • Buy and carry a personal attack alarm if you run errands, work, or attend class at night. Survey your surroundings when exiting buildings and ensure nobody is following you to your vehicle.
  • Keep your cell phone and keys in your front pockets; do not stop a thief from taking your purse. If you wrestle them for it, you could injure yourself.
  • If someone is following you do not proceed to your car. Cross the street and proceed to the nearest populated location where you can call for help.
  • Avoid taking shortcuts through unknown parts of town or in dark alleys. Change your running or jogging route every few days to avoid potential followers.
  • Avoid public transportation after dark, if you are on a bus at night, sit in a row close to the driver. If you are on a train, sit in a populated car near the exit.
  • If someone attempts to kidnap or grab you, scream for help at the top of your lungs. While laws vary by state, use the maximum amount of force prohibited by law to escape.

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Remember it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially during the coronavirus, if you are planning to meet up with a seller. Remember to follow the CDC regulations that can be found here

5miles cares about your safety and so should you. 


National Safety Month