VHS Tapes Found Across the Country!

VCR National VCR Day is observed annually on June 7th. Do you still own a player or do you know someone who does? The first VCR to use VHS was introduced in Japan on September 9, 1976.

VCR VHS 5miles

At some point in time, the VHS used to be just as big as DVDs are today. The idea of watching one show while recording another was a major turning point and a breakthrough in technology.

Compared to the all the high-tech gadgets we have now, it’s surprising to learn that the use of the VCR discontinued only about a decade ago.

We are glad to see so many 5miles users across the country keeping the VHS alive. After all, what would #NationalVCRDay be without some of our favorite videotapes? Click on a 5miles icon anywhere on the map to learn more:

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VHS Tapes Found Across the Country!