National Nail Polish Day History and Items

National Nail Polish Day 2018Nail Polish Day

Nail Polish Day
Hena N. of Tampa, FL is selling 9 new Michael Kors Nail Polishes for $45

From the simple French manicure to luxury nail art, nail polish has come a long way since the bees’ wax and gum arabic used during ancient times.

National Nail Polish Day celebrates these durable paints and gels that last long and create personality. Even though examples of nail polish can be found in many ancient civilizations, it was the modern times when these cosmetic products reached its popularity.

Here are some nail polish and related products we found on 5miles along with some interesting points about this popular cosmetic:

Nail Polish Day
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Nail polish originated as early as 3000 BC.

According to historians, 5000 years back, nail polish was created in China where it was used by ruling class to distinguish themselves from the general population. This continued in Ancient Egypt where the lower class often wore nude and light colors, while high society painted their nails red.

The ingredients included beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes.

Nail Polish Day
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Essie currently sells 311 colors of nail polish.

Essie was actually the originator of National Nail Polish Day. You can even buy them in vending machines in airports and malls around the country.

In 2012, nail polish sales reached $768 million.

Nail Polish Day
Steph B. of Raleigh, NC is selling a 14-Piece Marilyn Monroe Nail Polish Set for $22

This was a 32% increase over 2011, and was probably due to a rise in nail art mania. The most expensive nail polish costs only $250,000. It’s made with 267 carats worth of black diamond. The maker claims its diamonds are cruelty-free – so if you have this kind of cash lying around, go for it.

There are 13 types of nail polish finishes.

Bavarian B. of Inglewood, CA is selling a new Wizard Of Oz Collection by Julep for $22

Finishes include: shimmer, micro-shimmer, micro-glitter, glitter, frost, lustre, crème, prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, iridescent, opalescent, matte, duo-chrome, and translucent. The popular French tip manicure is not even French! In fact, the white-tip classic was probably invented in 1975 in California by Jeff Pink – the founder of the nail polish brand Orly, as part of an ongoing marketing effort.

Opened bottles of nail polish last about two years.

Unopened bottles can last indefinitely. But once you twist the cap off for the first time, certain ingredients evaporate, which changes the formula and consistency of your polish. Storing your nail polish in the fridge can increase the shelf life of the polish, prevent clumping, and help you get a smoother finish.

National Nail Polish Day History and Items