Happy Anniversary, 5milers! Look what we have for you…

Happy Anniversary, 5milers!

That’s right, we’re celebrating 5miles’ second anniversary today, and what a long way our marketplace community has come.


Since launching way back in January 2015, 5miles has grown into a community of more than 10 million buyers and sellers all across the U.S. Thanks to you, 5milers, our marketplace now has millions of active users searching for and offering all sorts of items every month (including a growing number of local serviceshousing and jobs).

So what has been most popular on 5miles? Drumroll, please…

  1. Cars
  2. Furniture
  3. Household Items & Tools
  4. Electronics & Computers
  5. Outdoor & Sporting Goods
  6. Cell Phones
  7. Motorcycles
  8. Auto Parts
  9. Jewelry & Watches
  10. Clothing & Shoes
  11. Video Games
  12. Baby & Kids Items

Moreover, we now have a Deals & Events channel, which lets you list and find on 5miles everything from garage and estate sales, to restaurant and shopping deals, and even fun things to do in your own neighborhood.

On top of that, we also have rolled out a slew of new features, such as a “Safe Exchange Area Locator” as well as online payment (5miles Wallet) and shipping options.


Attention all sellers. Want to sell more, faster? 5miles now has the tools for you, among them:

  • Click to Call, a clickable option on your listing that that lets potential buyers call you directly  
  • Must Go, a dedicated channel for items aggressively priced to sell
  • Triple Exposure, an add-on that gives your listing maximum visibility on the marketplace


Also new is our self-serve ad platform, which allows you sellers to target your listings to potential buyers based on what they are looking at/searching for on 5miles. Coupled with our “smart ads” (text-based ads that target buyers based on their behavior on the marketplace), these new ad options are tailor made for the tens of thousands or small businesses and service providers who have made 5miles their virtual storefront of choice.

Here’s to you, and to a banner 2017, 5milers!


Happy Anniversary, 5milers! Look what we have for you…
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