Useful Gifts and Tips Graduates Will Actually Use

Congratulations Class of 2018! Here Are Some Useful Gifts and Tips Graduates Will Actually Use…

This marks the end of one chapter but the beginning of a whole new and undiscovered journey. If you’re looking for graduation gift ideas, you’ve got the easy job. New grads need a lot of things. They require almost everything necessary to be independent for the first time.

Graduation is daunting for many students. The comforts of a flexible school schedule and extracurricular activities will be replaced by the realities of personal finance and health benefits. Here are some tips and gift ideas for coping with life after graduation.

Discover Your New Town

If you are moving for your career or new adventures after you graduate, use your initial down time to explore once you get to a new city or town. You’ll discover popular places to hang out, learn about the city’s landmarks, and find better ways to get around.

The gift: Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

When exploring your new post-grad life, creating prints is a fun way to capture the moment rather than always taking pictures on your phone. You can snap a pic, add frames and filters, then print a copy directly from the camera. The camera is the perfect blend of nostalgic Polaroid instant photography and modern, digital technology.

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Build The Routine You Never Had In College

For many students in college, class schedules were subject to change each semester and re-establishing new routines 3 times a year was difficult to keep up with. One of the first steps to getting your life organized is none other than obliging to your own personal routine. Whether you want to hit up the gym 4 times a week or seek out a new job, make a commitment and stick it out in your schedule.

The gift: FitBit Smartwatches

It’s a cool piece of wearable tech to rock in your new office. It’s also an investment in your health and peace of mind. These top-of-the-line smartwatches offer  virtual coaching for workouts and can hold more than 300 songs for your everyday soundtrack. GPS-enabled devices hold a 4-day charge, so you can track your bicycle commutes and runs without losing battery life.

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Use All Possible Resources Around You

Seek out any potential resources that can help you get by at a lesser cost. For example, communities have resources to help newcomers with their tax forms and health benefits. Your new employer could have onboard programs for new staff. By taking advantage of these resources, you save more and learn about living on your own.

The gift: Bose noise-cancelling wireless headphones

Sometimes the best resource is yourself. If you need time to think about next week’s schedule or even your future as a whole, you may need to tune-out the world. Bose noise-cancelling wireless headphones are great for work, wearing on a flight, or using at the gym.

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Find A Mentor

If you are a new hire or at a new school, approach your managers, executives, or education professionals for guidance. Don’t assume they are too busy or important.

“I know from speaking with colleagues that we all feel an obligation to help when junior employees want to tap into our experience. We were all in their shoes at one point. So don’t be afraid to approach your senior coworkers and ask to chat over coffee. You may very well find a mentor for life.” –Dennis Yang, CEO of Udemy

The gift: Crosley Record Player

Vinyls have made a huge come back in the past few years. They were last mainstream in the 1980s. Conversations about music is a great bridge when trying to connect with someone from a different generation!

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Take Your New Job Seriously

It’s not common that a new graduate lands their dream job right out of school… but this doesn’t mean the job you hold is not worthy of your full attention. Make sure you go beyond your job’s responsibilities. In time, you’ll prove to yourself that your dream job is very well within your reach. Only 54% of Americans work in an industry directly related to their college degree. If you limit your career to the most obvious choices, you risk missing out on something potentially spectacular.

The gift: Magic Bullet / NutriBullet

A bullet is the tool you need for your transition from being a novice college student to healthy adult. While you’ve been studying for finals month after month, chances are you’ve come to think that microwave noodles, delivery pizza and seasonal clearance candies are foods. They’re not. Real food is filled with nutrition, tastes great and doesn’t leave you feeling like a bloated zombie. You’ll need lots of real, wholesome foods to fuel your newfound journey.

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Be sure to check your 5miles app when trying to find other gifts this graduation season! Let us know more tips you have for new graduates in the comments below!

Useful Gifts and Tips Graduates Will Actually Use