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The warm weather’s here. Time to open the windows, let in some fresh air, and start on that spring cleaning.

Is your heart racing? Don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you get your house in order and make some money on 5miles while you’re at it.

1. Tackle one room at a time

Take a deep breath. You can do this. Just break the job into small parts and you’ll be moving in no time. Set apart some time and take on one room after another.

Try to do it all in a single day and you’ll wear yourself out. Have a plan, recruit some help (the kids have to be useful for something), and take it one step at a time.


2. Start with storage spaces

Makes sense. Before you start putting things away you need somewhere to put them. Closets, basements, attics and, if you dare, the garage.

And if you haven’t used what’s already in storage since the last time the flowers were blooming, sell it on 5miles. That will free up space for your household clutter.

Also, put away all your winter clothes and look at the summer ones. Worn out? Don’t fit? Out of fashion? Get rid of them!

3. Use the Three Bucket method

Or three baskets. Or three piles. If you’ve got a lot of clutter they might be big piles!

In every room, take each item and make a decision:

  • Store it. If you are going to get some future use out of it.
  • Sell it. You might not be using it, but you can still make some money.
  • Trash it. If it’s worn out or just cheap save yourself the headache and throw it away.

After you’ve gone through the whole room it will then be easy to get rid of things all at once.


4. Ruthlessly purge

For some of us it can be hard to part with things. Still, just think of the peace of mind you’ll get when you’ve cleared your space of all that junk.

Does it improve your life? Does it hold sentimental value? How hard would it be to replace?

If it’s cheap, broken, or you haven’t used it in a year, sell it. You got your use out of it and when you sell it on 5miles you’ll make money too.

Plus, you’re helping someone else get use out of what was just wasting space in your house.


5. Sell as you go

5miles makes it really easy to list as you tidy up. Keep your phone on you and snap photos of items as you deal with them. The faster you list, the faster you’ll sell, and the faster your house will be empty.

Just make sure to keep that clutter out of the photo. Check some tips on how to take great photos for listing on 5miles.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Got some more tips for us? We want to hear from you. Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter  and email us at hello@5milesapp.com.

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips – 5miles Blog
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