A Clean Sweep: Spring Cleaning Done Right

CNN has been on a decluttering/organizing roll this week.

Every day this week the HLN show, Morning Express, has been featuring a segment called “Clean Sweep,” which, as you can guess, focuses on spring cleaning for your life and home. Beyond the more basic tips you can use to start spring cleaning right now, here are three other interesting takeaways:

  1. Do you need to spring clean your purse? You probably don’t have any idea how much the ‘stuff’ you carry around in your purse (or briefcase, or backpack, or bag) is weighing you down day after day. Whatever you are lugging around should not weigh more than 10 percent of your body weight, according to Chiropractor Dr. Austin Cohen.
  2. How to handle ‘that one room’cleaning—i.e. the catch-all space for everything that doesn’t seem to have a spot. The key: Start small, tackling one room at a time, according to Kate Swenson of Order by Kate, a professional organizing company.
  3. Can the Property Brothers fix your office? Anyone who’s a fan or familiar with Jonathan Scott’s and Drew Scott’s HGTV show knows these twin brothers can turn just about any disaster area into a marvel of beauty and organization. Their insight: You can’t be inspired while working when you’re walking around things.

Have any tried-and-true spring cleaning/decluttering tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.


A Clean Sweep: Spring Cleaning Done Right
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