A new, fast way to buy and sell with others. Bid on or list items for auction on 5miles today!

5miles is releasing a new quick bidding auction channel for peer-to-peer selling. Now you can buy—and list—secondhand items nationally, at great prices, which can be picked up at—or shipped to—your door!

Here’s how it works: Bidding starts with a pre-determined opening bid amount. You then can place subsequent bids in real time, upping your bid as the price goes up. You only pay when yours is the winning bid on a given item in the live auction. An add-on feature allows you to make money in a snap and carefree: Serious Bid Guarantee! Buyer/seller deposit secures full payment rate.

The winning bid is the price at which the item will be sold. If specified, items may have an additional shipping price, which sellers can indicate on each listing.

The button next to any item shows the bidding status:

  • STARTING SOON means bidding will start in a moment. Watch for this to change to a BID button.
  • BID $_ means you can place a bid for the item at the price indicated.
  • OUTBID appears if someone has outbid you. You can try bidding again at the next increment.
  • WINNING appears when you’ve successfully placed a bid and you’re currently the highest bidder. Keep an eye on the item to make sure no one outbids you. If they do, you can bid again at the next increment.
  • The progress bar under the button is a countdown showing how much longer the item will be accepting bids, along with “Going Once,” “Going Twice,” etc. notices to place another bid.
  • Congrats, You’ve Won appears when you’ve successfully placed the highest bid and won the auction.
  • SOLD means that item has been won by the highest bidder and it is no longer accepting bids.
  • CLOSED means the bidding time ended without a valid bid being placed and the item did not sell. The next item will appear shortly.



We’re so excited to have for you a new, fast way to buy and sell with others. Bid on or list items for auction today!

The new version will be available for seller to list items on April 24, 2019 and the auction will start on April 25, 2019.  Don’t forget to update your app.

A new, fast way to buy and sell with others. Bid on or list items for auction on 5miles today!