How I Sold Secondhand and Got Everything I Wanted

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You’re probably wondering how you can simply sell your old stuff and get everything you want. Well, by following a few simple steps and with a little guidance, we’ll have you well on your way to secondhand success – plus one step closer to that dream holiday or vintage roadster you’ve always wanted.

How can I get everything I want?
To get what you want is easy if you’re willing to re-allocate some of your resources. When we say resources, we mean anything that you have control over – physical items such as clothes, home wares, cars or intangible items such as your time, skills and effort. We’re going to focus on using your physical items to get what you want. By re-allocating some of your physical resources, you’ll move one step towards getting what you want.

TLDR; sell your old stuff to get what you want.

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What Stuff Should I Sell?
The most beneficial way to re-allocate your physical resources is to turn those resources into cash. It doesn’t matter what you sell, if you can find someone who values it more than you do, you’ll be able make a sale at the right price. Remember that guy who turned a paperclip into a house? To determine what to sell ask yourself these questions:

  • What items do I no longer use or require?
  • Will I survive without these items?
  • Could these items have a higher value to other people?

It will be hard to choose what items to sell, you may find yourself in a battle between sentimentality and rationality – but be strict with yourself and you will reap the benefits!

How should I determine a price?
How much do you sell your beloved vintage leather jacket for? Can you really put a price on all of those long winter memories? By comparing prices of both new and used items, you’ll be able to grasp the kind of value that your item could be worth plus understand better how hard it will be to make the sale.

We’ve come up with a free downloadable matrix that you can use to gage this.

Where should I sell my stuff?
Depending on how much time you have, you could set up a garage sale or go to your local pawn shop. Both these options limit the reach of your sale and can often be more hassle. We’d suggest getting online and trying to sell your stuff there. You’ll be able to connect with more buyers which increases the likelihood of you getting a good price for your items! Be careful when choosing a platform to sell, websites like Amazon and Ebay will charge you to sell your goods. Even local classifieds like Gumtree can chip away the money you receive as to get more exposure, you’ll need to pay. To go one step further and make a quick and easy sale, download a local buyer & seller app (there are many of them out there!) such as 5miles simply snap a photo and list it in less than a minute.

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Now that you have an idea of how you clean out your old stuff and make some easy cash, get to it! Turn that cash into something you’ve always wanted.

What will you be selling and how will you sell it?

How I Sold Secondhand and Got Everything I Wanted
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