5 things to do with your unwanted Christmas Gifts

5 things to do with your unwanted Christmas Gifts


With the holidays coming to an end, some may ask the question “What do I do with the presents I’m not keeping?” Maybe that sweater didn’t fit or you already have a perfectly good skateboard. Whatever the reason,  5miles has 5 solutions to help you!


  1. Resell your old gifts online.


Why not make some money from those gifts? 5miles is a great platform to resell items. Check out a list of the top resold gifts from last year:


  1. Perfume
  2. Tablets
  3. Smartphones
  4. Frozen merchandise
  5. Soaps and lotions
  6. Women’s necklaces
  7. Women’s shavers
  8. Vacuum cleaners
  9. CDs
  10. DVDs
  1. Buyers not biting? Swap it

Can’t find buyers to buy your items, why not swap them? Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

  1. Return them

Why not take the gift(s) back to the store in which they were bought? Just make sure you have the original packaging or receipt for proof of purchase.

  1. Give them to a charity

Just because you don’t like or can’t keep a gift doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t. There are many charities that accept gifts year round – particularly children’s charities.  

  1. Turn your gifts into something else

Some unwanted items can be turned into something else and repurposed. Take some time and turn those unwanted coffee mugs into flower vases!

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5 things to do with your unwanted Christmas Gifts