Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

Oh no! Did you forget that Father’s Day was on June 21? You’re panicking and don’t know what to get him because you don’t want to disappoint him? Don’t worry! 5miles has come up with a list of fast and easy gift ideas to give to the man you’ve looked up to your whole life. 




Have you noticed that your dad has been complaining about his muscles being sore? Well, that’s normal when he’s getting older. These muscle massagers help alleviate the soreness and make you feel great!




Every Dad needs a good cooler to put his beer in. It’s good for bringing to tailgates or even just lounging in the backyard with friends and family. Your Dad will definitely appreciate it and use it to the max.




There’s nothing better to give your Dad than a phone case with your face on it. You can give it as a joke but your Dad will cherish that phone case when he knows he’s always carrying a loved one with him. 




Dad’s on his way to work and he’s grabbing his favorite tumbler customized by yours truly to fill with coffee. Make sure to engrave his name with a custom message and he’ll brag about how his kid is the best to all his coworkers. 




The Apple Watch is the ultimate gift to give to your dad. It’s sophisticated but also essential enough that he can use it on a daily basis. He’ll be able to personalize it to whatever fits his taste. The best part is 5miles has sweet deals on Apple Watches so go check them out now!



Dad deserves some spoiling, why not get him new wheels? 5miles has partnerships with many great dealerships for lower pricing! It’s the ideal present that he can use everyday and obviously show off that his kid just bought him a car and at a good deal.


Happy Father’s Day!


Father’s Day Gift Suggestions