How 5miles is Making Selling/Buying Cars Easier!

5miles Selling/Buying Cars Auto Dealers Accelerator package graduation

5miles for Car Buyers

5miles Selling/Buying Cars Auto Dealers Accelerator package graduation5miles is making selling/buying cars much easier for our users. For example, we know during this time of year, graduates and their families are looking for a vehicle to buy. Before stepping into a dealer showroom, first-time and experienced buyers often research the makes and models of which they have interest in. 

When you search on 5miles, we give you the opportunity to find multiple options of the car you want, from reliable dealers you can easily contact.

We talked to Valerie Coleman, National Sales Director at 5miles and long time car expert from Here are some of her quick tips to help you find your ideal car and vehicle features while shopping online:

  1. USB ports. “This option is a MUST! Whether it’s for charging your phone or listening to music, having a USB port is an option you should definitely consider.”
  2. Bluetooth. “Hands-free calling is both convenient and safer than taking your hands off the wheel. Depending on the model, this feature may be standard but if it’s not, this is another great option to add.”5miles Selling/Buying Cars Auto Dealers Accelerator package graduation
  3. Voice controls. “Automotive manufacturers have done a pretty good job of incorporating our need to be connected, with our need to be safe.Voice controls are just what the doctor ordered.Whether it’s telling your car to “call mom” or to “play Sam Smith”, the ability to interact with your car like Alexa and Siri both convenient, familiar and safe.”5miles Selling/Buying Cars Auto Dealers Accelerator package graduation
  4. Backup camera.“It’s an extra set of eyes combined with an alert,to help you with depth perception and hazards.”
  5. Keyless entry. “This could be one of the most underappreciated features that I recommend. Imagine walking to the car with a bag full of groceries in each hand while in the pouring rain. Maybe your keys are at the bottom of your purse in a similar scenario. The keyless entry option is amazing. No more locking your keys in the car and most keyless cars also have a push button to start (which is another added bonus).”

5miles for Dealers

5miles Selling/Buying Cars Auto Dealers Accelerator package graduation This past week, we attended TADA and TIADA events to talk to dealers about the new Accelerator Package tools found in the 5miles app. Some of the topics at these events included learning about the latest technology dealers can use to find specific audiences and to how market directly to those potential customers who are shopping online. 

5miles solves many of the problems dealers face right now and help make selling more cars, easier.

Our Accelerator Package includes some awesome new features and benefits we noticed dealers love!

  • 5miles Selling/Buying Cars Auto Dealers Accelerator package graduationThere is exclusive Click-To-Call functionality shown to users who are looking at a car from your dealership’s account. They can also send you a message, click to be sent directly to your website from your 5miles profile, and click to find directions to your dealership to help you drive walk-traffic!
  • Upload directly from your inventory management system! We’ve made it easier to seamlessly post all your vehicles on the #1 mobile marketplace app so you can focus on selling more cars. Add up to 32 photos for each listing compared to the standard 6 photos.
  • The new 5miles Reporting Dashboard has data that attributes users to the locations they are looking at your cars from. The dashboard also measures website clicks, click-to-call activity, recorded call logs ready for playback, and more. Every dealer who signs up for the Accelerator Package will gain access to the 5miles Reporting Dashboard.

Watch this short video by 5miles’ Product & BD Manager to learn more about and see the Accelerator package in action!

How 5miles is Making Selling/Buying Cars Easier!