Spring Cleaning: Decluttering made simple, easy

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If you’re a busy mom (and, honestly, which mom isn’t?), you’ll find excellent tips and techniques to keep your life—and sanity—in check, including 35 Spring Cleaning Tips.


– Remove adhesive sticker residue left behind when a price tag is removed.
– Clean grimy fingerprints off the computer keyboard.
– Clean black scuff marks off the walls.
– Clean scuff marks off the baseboards.
– Remove paint splatters on baseboards and trim before it dries.
– Clean finger and hand prints off banisters.
– Clean black soot marks off tile around the fireplace.


– Remove hard water stains from the water dispenser on the fridge.
– Remove hard water stains from the inside of a teapot or kettle.
– Remove food stains on the inside of plastic containers.
– Remove caked on food and splatters in the microwave.
– Clean the inside of the oven, including the glass window.
– Remove scorch marks from pots and pans.
– Clean coffee and tea stains from the inside of white mugs.
– Remove the tarnish from silver.
– Clean sticky grease off the range hood.
– Clean the burner on the coffee pot.
– Remove coffee, tea, and food stains from white linoleum.


– Clean soap scum off showers and baths.
– Remove hair spray residue from countertops, floors, and hair accessories.
– Remove hard water build up from faucets and shower heads.
– Clean up make-up spills on sinks and countertops.
– Give new life to white grout lines.


– Make sneakers, running shoes look new again by cleaning the dirt, scuff marks on the rubber areas.
– Remove permanent marker from many surfaces.
– Clean grass stains off the rubber on tennis shoes.
– Wipe crayon marks off walls and tables.
– Remove scuff marks on bicycle helmets.
– Get rid of grime on the sole of flip flops.
– Clean kids’ toys.
– Make dry erase boards and chalk boards look like new.


– Wipe down outdoor furniture to remove dirt and pollen.
– Remove residue from barbecue grates.
– Clean the inside of a plastic cooler.
– Clean mildew on the sides of the pool or hot tub.

Sweeping US currency into dust pan --- Image by © Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

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Happy cleaning!

Spring Cleaning: Decluttering made simple, easy
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