5miles Presents at the Tech Titans Awards Finalist Luncheon

Tech Titans has announced 5miles as a 2018 Emerging Company Innovation Award finalist. In early August, we joined the Tech Titans at the Innovation Finalist Luncheon to make our case for the award, winners will be announced in September. See all the pictures from the event below!

Tech Titans

Since 5miles’ marketplace launch a few years ago, our company is proud to be the first of it’s kind to introduce unique and innovative features. Some of these features include: a first-to-market appointment booking solution, intuitive language translation capabilities, a host of automobile dealer services, S.E.A.L. (Safe Exchange Area Locator), and blockchain technology collaboration with 5xlab. Learn more about the CyberMiles blockchain and $CMT cryptocurrency from the videos available below!

Photos from the 2018 Innovation Finalist Luncheon 

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Other finalist in the Emerging Company Innovation Award category include:

We’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks after award winners are announced in September at the Tech Titans Awards Gala. Thank you for helping 5miles become one of the top e-commerce platforms in the nation!

5miles Presents at the Tech Titans Awards Finalist Luncheon
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