5miles Joins the Entrepreneurial Expedition: Digital Entrepreneurship Program

On Nov. 13, 2018, The Dallas Mavericks5miles, and EVERFI, visited a Dallas Independent School district public school today to celebrate the expansion of the Venture – Entrepreneurial ExpeditionTM program, a digital learning initiative focused on teaching students to think entrepreneurially about business and life.

The event took place at Boude Storey Middle School where students progressing through the Venture – Entrepreneurial ExpeditionTM course and discussed the skills and tools needed for college and career readiness with Mavericks and 5miles employees.

The Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition program is available to students at no cost to the schools and community-based organizations. The online resource uses case studies to help students develop a personalized business plan for their individual business, including finance, marketing, team-building and market research, along with a roadmap for academic and career success. The entrepreneurship program will be available to 20 schools in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex during the 2018–19  school year.

“We’re proud to partner with the Mavs and Everfi to bring a shared love of learning and the spirit of entrepreneurship to a neighborhood level, with Boude Storey Middle School students and teachers,” said Valerie Coleman, Head of Sales & Outreach for Dallas-based 5miles. “Helping kids see possibilities and access opportunities to become potential entrepreneurs in their own right has been rewarding for us all.”

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5miles Joins the Entrepreneurial Expedition: Digital Entrepreneurship Program