Introducing 5miles Car Dash: Make Car Buying/Selling Easier

5miles Car Dash is a new channel that allows you to find the most affordable and safe used cars at the lowest prices. Our new bidding system provides absolute secure transaction processes for both buyers and dealers. Dealers can sell their cars in a flash anytime, anywhere they want without any limitation. Let’s get to know all the basics about Car Dash so you can get started!

We understand that buying a car online might be a new experience for you. At 5miles, we guarantee 100% transparent auto marketplace for both buyers and dealers. Our strong customer support team will walk you through any question you may have and find out the best solution for you. 

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Shop thousands of cars posted by our authorized dealers near you. Chat with dealers directly for more details on the car! 

Bidding is FREE! Set a reminder to receive a notification on your phone when the car you like starts bidding! 

Win! Contact your dealer directly about your payment and shipping!  

To simplify the auction process and provide the best shopping experience at 5miles, we DO NOT charge any fee to join the Car Dash, which means you only pay when you actually buy or sell a car.

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In order to provide a serious and safe environment, 5miles requires both buyers and sellers to add a valid credit card account in the 5miles Wallet before they join Car Dash. You will only get charged when you break the rule. For more details, please visit our Policy page.

5miles aims at providing a simple but serious auto marketplace for everyone: no deposit, no wasting time, and no misleading! If you want to buy a car efficiently, Join us now!


Please visit our FAQ pages for more information. If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please email us at






Introducing 5miles Car Dash: Make Car Buying/Selling Easier